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The Rotating Company , 1 group,  3 companies , 4 sites

Since 1991, at Motoren Françoys in Melle(B) and Neuville-En-Ferrain (Fr), we have been providing products and services on electric drives with the main aim of achieving higher efficiency on any machine or installation. Today, this makes us an experienced and reliable specialist in drive technology, both in Belgium and northern France.

Our Pump Fleet Services department in Geraardsbergen has specialised in pump technology since 1998. Your ideal partner for overhauls, installation, maintenance of industrial pumps and/or purchase of new industrial pumps and parts.

RMEI is the specialist in industrial rotating machinery in the region de l’Oise (Haut De France).

With over 30 years of experience, we can help you with repairs, various on-site services and sales of electric motors, gearboxes, variable speed drives, all types of electric pumps and also fans.

Incl. a wide range in stock.

Why The Rotating Company?

A Rotating / circular approach, services for every moment of the life of your rotating equipment. 1 responsible party who assists you throughout the entire lifecycle. from purchase, installation, repair to maintenance and optimisation and again and again….

A Rotating customer service : Full relief and technical, fast operational support by reliable, experienced and flexible consultants and technicians

Full Service For Rotating equipment – Supply, Install, Maintain, Repair, Optimise & Design off electric motors, drives, controls, pumps, blowers, ventilators and generators and appliances.

We have more to offer:

  • Technical commercial unburdening.
  • We take responsibility for delivering what you need.
  • Centrally located warehouses
  • A wide range of certified quality products and parts with guaranteed after-sales service
  • Energy-efficient turnkey solutions tailored to your business
  • Brand-independent repairs in our own workshops
  • Our own dismantling and assembly service with experienced technicians
  • Commissioning of drives and troubleshooting of drives
  • Preventive maintenance solutions
  • Retrofit automation projects
  • In-house engineering for optimisation of your existing installations

Furthermore, as specialists in drive technology and pump technology, we guarantee sustainable, reliable, flexible, quality, problem-solving and smooth cooperation.

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