EASA-BEMAS Motor Club

    Met grote dank aan Universiteit Gent organiseren EASA & BEMAS hun 5e Motor Club in België. Dit zal plaatsvinden op 30 november 2022. Meer over deze conferentie met interessante sprekers op:

    Meer info over EASA-BEMAS Motor Club


    12:00: Welcome drinks & sandwiches

    12.30: Introduction & short presentation of each participant

    13:00: Presentation ‘Electric motors and driven equipment: evolutions in standards and impact on the circular economy’
    by Kurt Stockman, Ghent University

    13:45: Presentation “3D printing of electrical machines”
    by Peter Sergeant, Ghent University

    14:15: Coffee break (EASA & Bemas – Quick Updates)

    14:45: Presentations by the participants

    • “The dark side of Variable Frequency Drives” by Bram Corne (Orbits)
    • Presentation by Emmanuel Buyck (The Rotating Company – Motoren Françoys, first shop to be EASA accredited in energy efficiency & reliability in Belgium)
    • … and more!

    Interested to present a non-commercial 20-30 min conference? Please click here to submit your presentation title and short summary related to the main topic.

    16:00: Project & solutions Forum about Energy Savings & Circularity

    16:30: Conclusions & Closing Coffee






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